What is Continuity ?

Demystifying Continuity
Business Continuity Management is a cleanly structured process that, when properly built, infuses resilience and organization into daily operations.  Data Control Specialists is here to help you find where Continuity Management currently exists within your organization and build it from there. We analyze how your business creates value and plan mitigation and response based on link loss.

BCM Best Practices

  1. BCM Policy and Program Management
    Document the intentions of organization.  Involve all areas in conception including Information Systems, Human Resources, Business Strategy and Human Safety.
  2. Understand the Organization
    Use a Business Impact Analysis to blueprint the organizations processes and dependencies.  First establish critical goals then outline a spectrum of deviation from these goals.  Structure the processes of the business to meet these goals and measure tolerance of organizations levels of disruption to these processes.  Nail these concepts solidly to numbers and time variations. Outline specific threats and potential impacts to those processes in the Risk Assessment.
  3. Determine Business Continuity Strategies on Corporate, Process & Resource levels
    Decide the strategies the organization will use to face threats.  Specifically address single points of failure identified in BIA and RA.
  4. Develop and Implement a BCM Plan for Response
    Include Incident or Emergency Management for immediate response in a specific area and Business Continuity for organizational response.
  5. Implement structured Exercise, Maintenance & Review
    Build exercise strategy that incrementally increases the businesses’ ability to bounce back.
  6. Infuse BCM in the Organization’s Culture
    Use awareness, training, development & monitoring to affect resilience.