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The products & services DCS Planning offers includes:

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

By partnering with your organization we can build the strategic understanding of it’s core operations.  We will help you understand your weaknesses and risks and work to mitigate or control them while at the same time building contingency plans for impacts.  There are several components that go into a plan. If any one of these components is missing from the development phase, your plan will not be as effective as it should be. We work with you using current methodologies to measure and identify your risks and the impact a disaster would have on your business. This information is used to develop a comprehensive written plan that addresses disasters, crisis management, emergency procedures, telecommunications and business recovery strategies.

Action taken during the first phase of a disaster can be critical to a successful recovery. We include many checklists in our plan to facilitate getting through those first hours of a disaster.

Our certified continuity professionals work with you to gather information to develop and write your plan.  During the information gathering process, we perform a Risk Assessment and a Business Impact Analysis and they form the basis of your plan.

Business Impact Analysis

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a complex process, but it is the key to developing a comprehensive plan. When done correctly, it gives you an unbiased outline of the business processes that must continue to be performed.

1. It lists all business functions and processes

2. It lists the IT systems and applications that support all of the business functions and processes

3. It lists all non-IT resources required to support each business function and process

4. It determines Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

5. It determines Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

6. It identifies work-around procedures

IT personnel know the systems and what needs to be done to get back in operation, but they should not be “the deciders” in determining which system and application receive priority. Nor should the business manager make this decision because you get into “territorial” issues and whose department is more important.  The BIA gives you a clear blueprint, an unbiased, documented view of critical functions that must be restored.

The BIA package may be purchased separately.

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures relating to continuity governance and management including information systems & security, employee procedure handbooks, compliance policies, etc.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment identifies natural, technical and malicious threats to your business. When the threats are identified and steps are taken to mitigate them as much as possible, then you know what you need to address in your contingency plan.

For example, fire may be a threat.  Mitigating action includes strategically placing working fire extinguishers throughout the building, posting evacuation routes, appointing floor leaders if you are in a multi-story building, installing smoke alarms, etc.  You cannot completely eliminate the threat of fire, but the mitigating action reduces the threat and then you plan for what you will do if there is a fire, either during or after working hours.

We provide a Risk Assessment template that may be purchased separately.

Testing and Training Exercises

The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan is not one you write and file away. Not only must it be updated, it must be tested.  A testing exercise is an effective tool to measure the quality of your plan, plus it provides a way to train personnel. They must be familiar with what their responsibilities will be during a disaster and participate in the drill.  It has been proven that personnel respond more quickly and effectively if they have gone through a training exercise. There is a reason for those fire drills in grade school and why the emergency responders in our communities go through extensive training!

Our manual can be used to design your testing exercise or you can contract with us to come on-site to conduct the test.  We work with you to set the goals and objectives you want to achieve during the exercise.  The potential threats you have identified in the development phase are used to select an appropriate testing scenario. Discoveries that come out of the exercise are incorporated into your plan.

Customer Support and Plan Maintenance

Plan maintenance is a critical part of the planning process. Just as your business grows, so must grow your plan. Our relationship will be long term and provide continued information and support post implementation.