Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of services does DCS Planning offer?

DCS Planning specializes in developing Disaster Recovery Plans and managing Business Continuity Programs within community banks and companies that provide services to banks. We meet requirements set forth by examiners from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) as well as the Business Standard for Continuity Management set forth in BS 25999.

We offer full-scope approach to Continuity Management that spans from Governance by the Board of Directors to training first responders in Emergency Response.

Services are listed and clarified on the Products & Services page of this website.

Why should I outsource our Business Continuity program rather than manage it internally?

There are several compelling reasons to outsource Continuity Management rather than attempting to manage it internally by using a pre-existing employee. These are just a few:

1. For financial institutions, the mission critical level of process is high and crisis tolerance is low.  Someone has to be managing risk effectively at all times.

2. The scope of knowledge required to build a complete Business Continuity Management Program is vast and holding that job internally is not an economic value for small organizations. It is very unusual to find a bank associate to fit the job requirements of a Business Continuity Manager. Initially it may seem cost effective, but people who are good a building and running financial institutions are not ordinarily adept at or experienced in understanding continuity management, understanding the psychology and structure of crisis response, or coordinating a program that reaches completely across every layer of the organization. In addition, it is highly recommended you recruit a continuity manager who is certified as a continuity management professional by some BCM and FI industry recognized body such as BCI or DRII.

3. Being a good Continuity Manager takes time and focus. Continuity Management is not a project but a way of business. Regulations constantly change. Risks can change with season or current events. Threats are frequently only seen with a lens through which an opportunity or risk is evaluated. It is critical threats are not overlooked because the Continuity Manager is inexperienced or has a dual role that conflicts with their capability of clearly viewing the big picture.

What results can I expect?

Continuity Management for each organization begins at a different level of maturity and the pace, actions and services depend on the core values of the institution. Regarding the size of the clients we work with, initiation of a Continuity Management Manual can take anywhere from 5 business days to 4 weeks.

We will work closely with management to determine the processes that are most critical to your bank and build a Continuity Management Program based on your specific needs. You will receive the information you need to understand the risks and vulnerabilities of your operations, meet examiner requirements and work to build resilience in your bank.

What do DCS Planning services cost?

Strengthening the core operations of your business gives you the opportunity to develop the maturity of your organization in a sustainable way. When you use DCS Planning, Inc. for your business continuity management development efforts, you can be confident that you will receive the highest value. Our high-caliber consultants, vendor neutral methodology, sophisticated tools, and proven best practices allow us to deliver the highest levels of productivity, while minimizing your costs. We create value throughout the entire organization that you will keep for the life of your business.

Our rates are commensurate with market rates for premier quality, experienced continuity management professionals. We custom design each engagement to meet the specific needs of our client, maximizing the value you receive from our services and the strength of your recovery capabilities. Please give us a call so we can understand your specific needs. We price our services accordingly.

How can I get a price estimate?

After completing a complementary Business Continuity Assessment a specialist will prepare a quote for you. Our services scale to meet your support and budget needs. Please contact us at etribble@dcsplanning.com or 888 297 PLAN (7526) for more information.

What types of companies does DCS Planning work with?

Every organization needs to have some sort of Business Continuity Management program but DCS Planning focuses it’s expertise and professional services on the needs of Financial Institutions and Community Banks.

Can we choose the services we receive "a la carte"?

We would like to understand the needs of your organization and customize our services to fit those needs. Give us a call now so we can start finding the answers to your continuity questions.