All Business Values are the Same

In my experience coaching businesses for operational resilience I’ve found that all businesses are inherently the same.  Just as they can internally organize themselves into three simple zones of selling, making and managing, they can also break down their operational values into four categories: 1.  Happy staff – Employees who are generally satisfied enough to stick around and get the

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Rivulets are those tiny droplets of water that join together and move in a common direction. After lots of movement over time these little streams can really impact their environment  in significant ways. They begin to shape valleys and eventually build canyons. We have rivulets in our lives and it is my sincere belief we have rivulets in our businesses.  They are

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The astonishing piece that is often left out of recovery plans

It’s astonishing in it’s simplicity.  The business often gets left out of disaster recovery and the resilience picture.  Disaster recovery is the continuity of your information systems but you certainly can’t recreate your business with simply a server.  That server has to live somewhere, it needs people to love and care for it and it needs a purpose.  Your IT manager cannot determine

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