About Us

DCS Planning (DCS) is a team is a team of dedicated professionals who is your go-to for systemizing business continuity, resiliency, and recovery should an unexpected event inhibit your operations. We are the best-in-business at business continuity planning and execution. It is our entire focus and we are with you every step of the way.

What is business continuity planning and why should I do it?
Business continuity planning is the creation of a plan that not only increases your resiliency to unforeseen events, but also increases your day to day productivity because it reduces the small interruptions that routinely occur in the delivery of your value proposition. DCS simplifies and clarifies the path to business continuity and resiliency through our systemized approach, giving you the control, options, and power to make the system work for your culture and circumstances. You will have a comprehensive executable plan; encircling all aspects of your business and its value creation, providing the complete scope, both internal and external, needed for superior resiliency.

Here is why our clients use DCS for their business continuity planning

  • Assurance of control over external challenges (disasters as well as auditors)
  • An outside perspective not encumbered by company politics, paradigms, and methodologies
  • Enables you to provide maximum value regardless of external circumstances (keep you out of trouble, minimizing downtime)
  • A solution tailored for your individual circumstances, workflow and systems – not a one size fits all (more efficient and effective). You won’t be stumbling in boots too big for your feet!
  • Documents needed for any audits (check lists). Simplifies plan execution and facilitates analysis and learning.
  • Reliability (we are with you every step of the way). Continual guidance eliminating rabbit trails that suck up time and resources.
  • Guarantee (we will make the examiners and C-level people happy)
  • Fanatical customer service (We are available and responsive)
  • Quality (the deliverable will return great ROI)

Here is what our clients say about DCS

  • “DCS pays attention to details because they customize their approach to the business”
  • “DCS is very accessible”
  • “We greatly benefit from their years’ experience focus 100% on business continuity issues”
  • “We trust them with our planning and have a great relationship”
  • “DCS’ great communication simplifies the business continuity process”
  • “They are scalable and can handle companies of all sizes”
  • “They are the whole package – they cover the entire scope of business continuity, both internal and external”
  • “We can count on DCS due to our consistency of personnel, reliability and accessibility”

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What is the maturity of our business in regards to business continuity: infant, toddler, adolescent, or responsible adult?
  2. How effective is your BC plan in meeting applicable regulations and customer requirements?
  3. How much day-to-day productivity improvement can we enjoy by implementing a robust business continuity plan?
  4. How much better will I sleep at night knowing that we are prepared for the unexpected?

The DCS 7 Point guarantee
We guarantee to provide you with the following:

  1. We understand that your organization and culture are unique. We commit to helping you create response plans that are individualized for your company.
  2. You can trust us to guide you confidentially.
  3. You WILL succeed in continuity program implementation – we’re tenacious!
  4. You will understand response, recovery and resilience.
  5. You will receive options for recoverability.
  6. We will simplify your journey to business continuity.
  7. Bottom line, we will give you great return on your investment!

eryn1DCS Planning is a small firm that has been specializing in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning in small businesses for 15 years. We have a complete line of products and services to ensure you are prepared to successfully respond to your unique risks and achieve OCC and FFIEC compliance requirements.

Our firm is built of certified professionals in good standing with DRII, the institute for continuity management.

Eryn Tribble is a certified Associated Business Continuity Professional (ABCP) who offers experience and expertise in Business Continuity Management (BCM) with a focus on employees as the company’s greatest asset and human management in continuity. Eryn’s BCM understanding ranges from implementing continuity as a project to infusing resilience into the practice of business. She is a dedicated risk specialist with a specialty in finance and commodity trade and supply. Having worked within global supply chains and trade houses, Eryn brings a unique perspective on diversity and resilience.

Eryn has the skills to effectively forge solid relationships and engage a broad spectrum of professionals to build consensus across multiple organizational levels. Eryn’s experience includes analysis of business impacts, criticality analyses, recoverability assessments, recovery strategy development, pandemic response plans, business and technology recovery plan development and coordinating alternate processing facility exercises. She has helped organizations with definition, development, implementation, maintenance and testing of their Business Continuity program. Eryn offers BCM consulting and coaching that includes experience with federal regulatory requirements for compliance.

Eryn has worked in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.

All firm members are certified through DRII and contributing members of the BCM community as active members of the national Association of Contingency Planners (ACP).